Relocation/ Referrals

Are you planning to sell your home and move out of  the Roseville area, but you don’t have trusted Real Estate connection in the area you plan to move to?

You are in good hands! 

I work with a Referral Network/Tribe of other Area Specialists outside of Roseville,CA. This insures that you can be referred to the best representation on the other end of your transaction. 

I am connected with other great Realtors, so I can help you no matter where you plan to move. Whether you plan to just move out of Roseville, or if your move is across the country or Internationally- I can connect you with another Local Area Specialist.

Moving can be a stressful process, so it is very helpful to have an experienced and connected resource in the area you plan to move to. The referral process also creates an additional level of accountability and access for coordination between Realtors. You have too many other things to focus on in your Relocation, so leave the details to your Real Estate Professionals. We are working for you!

I also provide Concierge Real Estate Services to prepare your property for listing. Getting bids, repairs, and general To-Do List things done are all time consuming. There never seems to be enough time in the day or weekend to get it all done. I can take these To-Do List items over for you, so that you can keep up with your busy life, and move forward. My Concierge Services are INCLUDED in your listing! So, it doesn’t cost you anything additional to have it all handled for you.

This referral service is at no cost to you, and I will help you by finding you an experienced Realtor that is focused on your specific needs.

Realtor to Realtor referrals ensure a smooth transition to your new location, and provide an additional level of help and guidance in your move.