Roseville Area News May 1, 2020

What is an RCS-D

I just wanted to take a quick minute, and answer a question I get asked all the time.

What is an RCS-D?

RCS-D stands for Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce. It is a Realtor designation that requires advanced training, and serves as an additional consumer protection for divorcing homeowners.  Very few Realtors have specific training in the area of Divorce (it isn’t specifically part of the typical Real Estate License Training), and the goal is to help homeowners going through a Divorce to have all the information to make informed choices, and to streamline communication with the rest of the team of professionals (Family Law Attorney, Financial Planner, Mortgage, etc.).

An RCS-D Realtor focuses on informing the divorcing homeowners, so that understand the process of property division in a Divorce, and can protect their credit and asset value through the process. Items like protecting credit, determining outstanding projects and getting them completed for listing, deciding if one spouse will retain the house and buy the other spouse out, and guiding the divorcing couple about all of the various items that need to addressed through the property division process.

There are many pitfalls that homeowners have run into as the result of gaps in the Divorce process, and it can cost you money in property division equity, as well as drawing out processes that can cost you more in legal and professional fees. Efficiency and collaboration is important to keep things moving forward and minimize stress and delays.

Divorce is stressful, but if you have a support team coordinating together, then the process goes so much smoother.

If you have any questions or need anything, then please feel free to contact:

Heather McCarthy, RCS-D