Roseville Area News August 3, 2021

Roseville Living ~ Saving on Utilities

Are you tired of high electric utility bills?

Are you tired of PG&E Electric shut offs?

You Should Move to Roseville… Did you know that Roseville owns and runs their own Electric Utility? Gas services are supplied by PG&E (unfortunately unavoidable) for the Placer County and Greater Sacramento Area. The Roseville Electric rates are significantly lower than PG&E Electric rates, and that can save you hundreds of dollars a month through the Summer and in your electric usage cost in general.

With recent wildfire concerns, PG&E has been shutting down service due to high winds, due to concerns about trees and power line maintenance issues. As a result, many areas throughout the foothills have had power shut offs for multiple days, in an effort to prevent wildfires. Roseville owns and maintains their own Power Lines, and since it is City owned and operated, the focus is on maintenance and efficiency to serve their rate payers.

Roseville Electric The savings and convenience really adds up to a lower cost of living in Roseville, CA!

Check out the video below for more information!

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