Your Concierge Agent, Relocation and Divorce Real Estate Specialist

Heather McCarthy, RCS-D
Concierge Realtor and Divorce Real Estate Specialist

Heather McCarthy

Your Concierge Agent
RCS-D Real Estate Collaboration Specialist- Divorce
Roseville, CA - Better Homes and Gardens



You don't have time for moving.

Your busy life isn't going to slow down

just because you have a Real Estate Transaction,

that is why you need a Concierge Agent.

With over 20 years of Real Estate Management and Marketing experience,

I can prepare any property for market, and get you the highest sale price.

Your Realtor should be always acting as your advocate, your fiduciary, and your negotiator throughout the transaction. This ensures that you get the property you want to buy at the best value, or properly market the property you want to sell at the highest sale price.

Throughout my many years of Real Estate Marketing experience, I have consulted with my clients to re-positioned their marketing strategy, and achieve the best asset value.  A hyper-local and property-centric approach to real estate marketing will result in optimized market value, by highlighting the unique strengths of the property in it's individual sub-market.

My Concierge approach to listing your property helps you to maximize the sale price and minimize the time and $ you need to invest to get your To-Do List DONE. You have a busy life and schedule, so I can handle the numerous time-consuming tasks that go into preparing to List your house for sale.

Knowing how to present your property can make a difference of as much as 12%* of a property's sale price. Discount Brokers and other flat-rate companies are focused on volume business, so they can't offer you the same customized individual attention to prepare, market, and negotiate on your behalf. Plus, statistics show that you will likely sell your property for a lower sale price than the Commission $ you save from choosing the cut-rate, flat-rate, or discount brokerage option. New options related to iBuyer Real Estate Companies that buy the home directly from the consumer, and then preparing the property and selling it on the market, often result in the Seller losing thousands of additional sale dollars (those companies are in it to make $ off  the home's equity), than they would have by selling through more traditional marketing. 

I have been marketing Real Estate Assets since 2001. I have worked with the many facets of optimized property marketing. I have experience with Internet Campaigns, Print Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Geo-targeting, Market Segmentation, Staging, and Photography (including Virtual Tour, 360, Drone and Augmented Reality technology). Each of these marketing aspects provide different ways to highlight the strengths of a property. My many years of Real Estate Advertising through the Greater Sacramento Area give me an advantage to knowing the unique strengths of the different sub-markets.

What is an RCS-D?

RCS-D stands for Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce. In short, an RCS-D has gone through additional training (beyond what is required by the Department of Real Estate) specific to the additional legal, practical and fiduciary responsibilities inherent to Divorce Real Estate transactions. Having this additional training allows me to provide an additional level of consumer protection (even if the house is not being sold) to my clients. I advise people of their options, whether or not they plan to sell the house, as there are gaps in how the legal process protects the spouse that keeps the house and assesses the valuation of the property. Feel free to contact me with any questions pertaining to your situation. I am always happy to provide tips, suggestions and guidance, even if you do not need a Realtor to sell the house.

Every property location is different, no property is perfect, and choosing a new home is deeply personal.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, having a Concierge Agent and Hyper-local Real Estate resource gives you an advantage, saves you time and allows you to move forward with your busy life.

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